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Erosion Control Products

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Blanket Staples

Size: 6" x 1" x 6" staples - 1,000 per Box (Metal)
Size: 4" x 1" x 4" staples - 1,000 per Box (Metal)
Size: 4" staples - 1,000 per Box (Biodegradable)
Product brochurepdf
E-Staples are comprised of a natural plastic that originate from materials that are abundantly grown in the United States. E-Staple composition is Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) plastic that is made from plant sugars and oils. "Natural plastics" eliminate the use of petroleum-based materials, which ultimately helps reduce our dependency on oil. This innovative composition produces unique and unmatched physical and chemical features and benefits. All of these features and benefits, along with independent pull out testing results vs. other turf staples, are detailed here.

Recommended Rate: 1 staple per 1 square yard

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Excelsior Blankets

Blanket Size: 4' x 101.5' - packed 15 per bundle
Each Roll: 45 square yards or 405 square feet
Blanket Size: 8' x 101.5' - packed 15 per bundle
Each Roll: 90 square yards or 810 square feet

Curlex CL Blankets Product brochurepdf

Curlex fibers have a unique ability to expand and contract when wet and when combined with "barbed" fibers, Curlex CL fibers actually CLing to Curlex Comparisoneach other. American Excelsior Company, the inventor of biodegradable erosion control blankets, innovated Curlex CL, which is a cost effective lighter version of standard Curlex that provides performance and vegetation establishment benefits superior to straight lined fiber blankets such as straw. Curlex CL offers the best of both worlds - all the unique benefits of the time proven Curlex fiber and a competitive price.

Curlex NetFree Blankets Product brochurepdf

Curlex NetFree is the first erosion control blanket that does not use any netting material. The manufacturing of Curlex NetFree begins with the finest Great Lakes aspen. After the material is methodically shaved, the resulting Curlex excelsior fibers are stitched to form a continuous matrix. Biodegradable thread is used in the process, which makes the entire Curlex NetFree product biodegradable. Curlex NetFree loses the net, but keeps the unique and time proven benefits of the Curlex fiber.

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Futerra® F4 Netless™

Introducing Futerra® F4 Netless™ . . .   a whole new way to look at blankets. Compared to it's netted predecessor it's lighter, yet loftier and more dimensionally stable -- while providing even higher levels of slope protection and vegetative establishment for fine turf and environmentally sensitive applications.

Blanket Size:78" x 90' - packed 16 per pallet Green and Natural Color
Each Roll: 65 square yards or 585 square feet

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Lawn Starter Mulch™

Lawn Starter MulchLawn Starter Mulch™ is an efficient and economical product for seed and turf establishment.


2,500 sq.ft. per 50lb bag or 1,000 sq. ft. per 20lb bag.


Lawn Starter Mulch™ is commonly used to establish new turf, renovate existing turf, add to divot mix, place under sod, supplement and/or replace hydro seed bails, follow slit seeding, and as an application after aeration. Used in the golf, landscape, and sports turf markets.


The asymmetric shaped granules are comprised of premium paper-based mulch granules, starter fertilizer, erosion fighting AST™ (Advanced Soil Technology), cross-linked water holding polymer, and a Seed Watering Guide™.


  • Flows easily through most spreaders and hydroseeders.
  • Contains Advanced Soil Technology™ (AST™) water soluble polymers to reduce soil loss, reduce chemical and fertilizer runoff, and increases water penetration. They reduce irrigation time and frequency. They are soluble in water and can penetrate into the soil decreasing surface soil compaction and crusting. They bond with nutrients and pesticides to retain soil fertility and improve pesticide performance. They have been used for over 30 years in agriculture.
  • Contains cross-linked polymers that hold up to 400 times weight in water. They are designed for moisture retention at the soil surface where the seed needs it the most. They absorb water quickly (resulting in rapid hydration) and reduce moisture evaporation from the soil surface.
  • Takes the guesswork out of watering with "Water Me Technology". Stop watering when polymer crystals appear and green darkens, and begin watering again when polymer crystals are no longer apparent.
  • Starter fertilizer (.1-2-1) aids in initial establishment.
  • Applied independent of seed or can be blended w/seed and applied all at once.
  • Contains no weed seed.
  • 50-pound bag covers up to 2,500 sq.ft. – 40 bags/pallet.



PAM-12 [Product brochurepdf]


Pam-12PAM-12™ is a combination of proven soil-stabilizing polymers known as linear anionic water-soluble polyacrylamides (WSPAM) that have been impregnated into a recycled office paper mulch. These soil-stabilizing polymers are released from the paper at varying rates when moisture is applied. The paper serves as the carrier, delivery system, and tracer for the polymers in PAM-12. In addition to the polymers, PAM-12 contains calcium and a physical tackifier in order to ensure performance in a variety of soils and conditions.

Science & Technology

ENCAP has partnered with Dr. Aicardo Roa from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Roa is one of the better known polyacrylamide researchers in the world. Dr. Roa has combined three WSPAMs into one proprietary polymer called TRIPAM. TRIPAM is the basis for ENCAP's patented Advanced Soil Technology (AST). Advanced Soil Technology is the basis for PAM-12 Erosion Control Granules.

Mechanism of Action

Listed below are the functions of each soil stabilizing component of PAM-12 as it interacts with the soil:

  1. Quick Release AST™: The paper mulch is spray coated with liquid TRIPAM and bulk blended with fine powder TRIPAM. Quick Release AST instantly binds to the soil with the first moisture event.
  2. BioAST™: The paper mulch is impregnated with a starch called BioAST. The starch "sticks" to the soil in a physical process. This effectively reduces erosion in large particle and low-charge soils.
  3. Controlled/Slow Release AST™: The paper mulch is impregnated with TRIPAM. The polymers are slowly released into the soil upon application effectively controlling erosion over time.
  4. Calcium: The calcium component of PAM-12 ensures its effectiveness in low charge soils by creating a charged bridge to any soil particle.


  • Visibility: The green granules in PAM-12 serve as a tracer for the application of our polymers.
  • Longevity: The slow release of polymers in PAM-12 increases the time span of effective erosion control.
  • Versatility: PAM-12 can be applied wet through hydroseeders or dry through spreaders or blowers.
  • Cost control: PAM-12's ease of use ensures a cost effective application.

Proven Benefits

  • Excellent Erosion Control: The erosion control capabilities of PAM-12 have been documented in USFS post fire rehabilitation trials, DOT applications and TRI/Environmental Tests.
  • Increased water infiltration: USFS post fire rehabilitation trials have proven that PAM-12 applications increase the penetration of water into the soil.
  • Aids in germination and establishment of seed: The germination and vegetation establishment benefits of PAM-12 have been documented in USFS post fire rehabilitation trials, DOT applications and TRI/Germination Tests.

Application Rate

Slope PAM-12 Rates
600 lbs per acre
800 lbs per acre
1000 lbs per acre


2000 lbs per acre

>2:1 3000 lbs per acre



Profile Futerra® Environet Blankets [Product brochurepdf]

Profile Futerra® vegetation blankets represent the future of erosion control and are a shining example of the company's commitment to continual innovation. Independent testing has confirmed time and again that no other erosion control blanket performs as well. Futerra's patented combination of wood fiber and crimped interlocking synthetic fiber absorbs three times more water than excelsior blankets, producing a seed germination rate that is up to 90% higher than alternative products. Yet Futerra is only half the weight of excelsior blankets. That lighter-weight design makes Futerra go down more quickly with fewer man hours per square yard. Futerra's cover factor of .03 on a 1:1 slope (97% effective) is also proof of it's superiority in bonding to the soil to prevent washouts and seed migration.

Fully bio/photodegradable, Futerra will degrade completely. Profile is also the only company to offer both environmentally friendly biodegradable staples and stakes for the blanket installation. The Futerra Stake is a patented, 5-inch barbed anchor that will biodegrade in 10-15 months versus the current industry standard of 3 years. Futerra Staples are the industry's only biodegradable staples, breaking down in 6-9 months and available in cartridges for easy-loading staple guns.

Description Dimensions Square
40" Green 40" x 135' 50 18 lbs. 730 rolls
82" Green 82" x 135' 102.5 38 lbs. 365 rolls
82" Natural 82" x 135' 102.5 38 lbs. 365 rolls

Roll Diameter: 15" for the 82" roll
Packaging: White UV treated, poly bag
Installation Time: 15 - 19 man-hours per acre
Rolls per Acre: 43 for the 82" roll
Seeding Rate: 3 - 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.
Staple or Stake Rate: 2000 per acre or 55 - 75 per 82" roll
Sod Comparison: 1 truckload FUTERRA = 34 truckloads sod

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North American Green S75 & DS75 Straw Blankets

Single net and biodegradable.

Blanket Size: 6.7' x 108' - packed 25 per bundle
Each Roll: 80 square yards or 720 square feet

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Xcel Straw Blankets

Single net and biodegradable.

Blanket Size: 7.5' x 120' - packed 30 per bundle
Each Roll: 100 square yards or 900 square feet

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