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Kentucky Bluegrasses

4-Season Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

In NTEP data, 4-Season exhibited strong tolerance to wear and damage from traffic studies at both Wisconsin and New Jersey NTEP sites. When coupled with strong winter and early spring performance, 4-Season is a strong component for sports turf and recreational mixes.

Award Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Award is ideal fairway bluegrass performing at close mowing down to ½ inch (12 mm). In national testing, Award Kentucky Bluegrass scored #1 at mowing heights below 1 inch (25 mm).

BlueChip Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

BlueChip is the affordable Kentucky bluegrass that compliments any Jacklin blend. It mixes compatibly with Jacklin Seed's premium 5-steps Above varieties and provides sod strength 60% better than Glade in Nebraska sod lifting trials.

BlueChip Plus Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Adding BlueChip Plus to your blend provides additional resistance to summer patch, melting out, necrotic ring spot, leaf spot, snow mold, and dollar spot. It also resists seedling damping off.

Everest Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Everest is the ideal "mix-master" and combines well with all Jacklin varieties. Provides outstanding resistance against a wide spectrum of diseases and has proven quality performance through years of US and Canadian university trials. Everest produces a dark green, lush turf that's tough and virtually pest free.

Everglade Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

EverGlade is the third variety in the Glade family of top varieties and is the most impressive. In the 2000 NTEP trial EverGlade tied for #1 nationwide in overall quality (out of 173 entries in 2000-02 data).

Freedom III Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Freedom III combats the browning effects of common lawn pests with its built-in broad-spectrum resistance. In North American university trials, Freedom III ranked high against leaf spot, melting out, leaf rust, stem rust, necrotic ring spot, Microdochium pink snow mold, Typhula gray snow mold, red thread, stripe smut, summer patch, brown patch, dollar spot, and anthracnose.

Liberator Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Liberator tied for #1 in overall turf quality in the 1995-2000 NTEP test trials. Its chart-topping rhizome knitting makes Liberator a sod-grower's choice. Proven quality performance through over a decade of US/Canadian university trials. Liberator produces a fast germinating, dark green turf that's dense and virtually pest free.

NuBlue Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

NuBlue generates a dense, medium dark green, premium quality turf even under reduced care and maintains turfgrass quality through the stressful summer months. NuBlue ranked #1 at the low maintenance Kentucky bluegrass national trials site in Urbana, IL and beat out 87% of varieties in the low maintenance national test in summer density.

NuBlue Plus Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

NuBlue Plus Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is an affordable choice to combine with any Jacklin blend or mix. Superior in turf quality to the original 'NuBlue' variety, it has a dark, rich color, fine leaf texture and good density. It is compatible with all of our 5-Steps Above® bluegrass varieties. NuBlue Plus has exhibited excellent performance in the cool mid-continental zone and features good heat and drought tolerance.

NuChicago Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Exhibiting a beautiful dark green color and medium-fine leaf texture, NuChicago is tied as the #1 rated variety for the 2006 NTEP overall turf quality trials at high maintenance.

NuDestiny Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Nu Destiny takes disease resistance to new heights, particularly against bluegrass' common cold—summer patch—in which it scored #1 resistance in North American university trials. Nu Destiny also ranked above the others against necrotic ring spot, leaf spot, red thread, Microdochium pink snow mold, brown patch, spring melting out, anthracnose, stem rust, dollar spot, and stripe smut.

NuGlade Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

NuGlade follows Jacklin Seed's popular Glade-series of premium bluegrasses and offers the best shade tolerance available in an elite, high performance bluegrass. Tested for quality and turf performance in US/Canadian university trials for over 10 years. NuGlade is trusted by turf managers the world over for premium performance, superior consistency.

Rambo Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

In NTEP tests, Rambo was one of the top scoring varieties against summer patch, stripe smut, bluegrass billbug, stem rust, melting out, powdery mildew, chinch bug, dollar spot, and pink and Microdochium snow mold.

Rugby II Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

From high maintenance levels to low, Rugby II is a jack of all trades. In university trials, Rugby II was a top performer in eight locations using ½ to 1-inch mowing (12-25 mm), in ten locations using 1 to 1½-inch mowing (26-38 mm), in four locations using 1½ to 2-inch mowing (39-50 mm), and in five locations using greater than 2-inch mowing (>50 mm).

Rush Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Rush is the only Kentucky bluegrass variety bred specifically for competitiveness with Poa annua, particularly under close, fairway-height mowing. Rush was tested as experimental J-2222 and is an elite hybrid of BlueChip Kentucky bluegrass.

Solar Eclipse Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

A new variety that has eclipsed the competition, Solar Eclipse Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) tied for #1 in overall turf quality in the latest NTEP (published 2008 Final Report) for Kentucky bluegrasses maintained at 1-2" with scheduled maintenance.

Total Eclipse Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Its rich color and genetically dense nature allows Total Eclipse to excel using less fertilizer strictly for color enhancement. Its impressive pest resistance profile allows it to shine under a broad range of soil conditions.

Tsunami Kentucky Bluegrass Product brochurepdf

Tsunami is one of the top-performing Kentucky bluegrasses across the steamy Transition Zone. In vigorous slap-action wear trials in New Jersey, Tsunami scored among the toughest, most resilient varieties. For athletic fields, this means more green grass, less bare ground.

Other Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties

  • Blackstone Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Classic Kentucky Bluegrass*
  • Kelly Kentucky Bluegrass*
  • Kentucky Bluegrass 98 / 85
  • Kentucky Bluegrass 85 / 80
  • Liberator Kentucky Bluegrass*
  • Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Nassau Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Newport Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Park Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Poa Trivialis 90 / 85
  • Rubens Canada Bluegrass

*5-Steps Above® Varieties

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