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Fine Fescues Varieties

Aruba Creeping Red Fescue Product brochurepdf

Aruba strong creeping red fescue is a vigorous sod forming variety, which provides a bright medium green, fine-textured turf under minimal maintenance. It is well adapted to sandy, infertile and droughty soils and is an excellent choice on areas where regular maintenance is not possible, such as embankments, deep roughs, and roadsides.

Audubon Creeping Red Fescue Product brochurepdf

Audubon is an excellent choice for shaded landscapes. Audubon maintains good turf quality in the shade when others thin out. It does need a few hours of sunlight however to keep a healthy turf.

EcoStar Hard Fescue Product brochurepdf

Ecostar is an advanced generation synthetic cultivar originating from four breeding composites. The germplasm is originally selected from or related to the varieties Biljart and Scaldis in addition to germplasm collections from old turf areas of the U.S. and Western Europe.

Jamestown II Fescue Product brochurepdf

Jamestown II thrives in full sun as well as shade and performs best with minimal fertilization. Commonly used as a companion grass for creeping bentgrass fairway seeding, it provides a fine-textured playing surface with very good ball support.

Marco Polo Sheep Fescue Product brochurepdf

Once established, Marco Polo is extremely well-suited to drier, summer conditions. With an early dormancy trait to escape droughty conditions, this variety is a proven survivor under difficult conditions.

Other Fine Fescue Varieties

  • Chewings Fescue
  • Pennlawn Red Fescue

Rescue 911 Hard Fescue Product brochurepdf

Rescue 911 Hard Fescue (Festuca brevipila) is recommended for use on home lawns, parks, and golf course roughs.

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