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Ryegrasses Varieties

Accent Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Accent complements an Integrated Pest Management program by its improved disease resistance in conjunction with high endophyte content. Its excellent persistence is reflected in a high living ground coverage through the four seasons, with reduced winter damage.

Accent II Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Accent II is our best sports ryegrass. In university traffic trials it has proven it is one tough grass with great resilience. At Michigan State University under simulated traffic, Accent II demonstrated superior wear tolerance and maintained high percent living ground cover.

A.S.A.P. Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

A.S.A.P. has been tested at our sites in Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, and Idaho since 1998. In our 1998 Maryland trial, A.S.A.P. ranked higher than Brightstar, Pennant II, Palmer II and Calypso II in quality.

Caddieshack Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

In the final stages of development we concentrated on increasing Caddieshack's resistance to leaf spot disease. In National Tests, Caddieshack demonstrated improved resistance to leaf spot, pink snow mold, and dollar spot diseases.

Caddieshack II Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Bred in North Idaho, Caddieshack II exhibits excellent performance during the winter. It tied for #1 for least winter damage in Minnesota (NTEP 06-1 report).

DoubleTime Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Bred to fight for sport turf mangers and lawn care professionals. Double Time is a new and improved perennial ryegrass that is tough enough for the biggest NFL Tackle and safe enough for a newborn baby. Go ahead and tear it up, drive on it, run on it, stomp on it. Not a problem for Double Time.

Goalkeeper Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

GoalKeeper has been tested in trials across the country: At Post Falls, ID, Enon, OH, Poolesville, MD, Allentown, NJ, and other locations. In Idaho, GoalKeeper has consistently shown improved pink snow mold resistance and winter survival, making it ideally adapted for northern regions. On the humid East Coast, GoalKeeper has had good performance against net blotch disease and brown patch.

GoalKeeper II Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

In national wear trials using a Brinkman Traffic Simulator fitted with football cleats, Goalkeeper II maintained turf quality and a high percent of living ground cover. Goalkeeper II is great choice for athletic fields, helping keep your fields looking good with heavy wear.

La Quinta Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

La Quinta has one of the best overall performances for winter color, cold tolerance, and early spring green-up making it an excellent choice for winter over seeding in the Southwest.

Monterey II Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Monterey II has been tested at our sites in Maryland, Ohio, New Jersey, and Idaho since 1998, and has been among the top performers.

Monterey 3 Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Monterey 3 is one of our fastest germinating ryegrasses with its excellent seedling vigor. You get a jump on establishment making Monterey 3 a splendid addition to projects that need to be up quick.

Revenge GLX Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Specifically selected for its resistance to gray leaf spot, Revenge GLX is the most resistant Jacklin variety available earning it the "GLX" designation.

Top Gun Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

TopGun performs well alone or in mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, or as permanent turf in temperate and transition climates. TopGun is recommended for use on athletic fields, home lawns, industrial and school sites, and golf course roughs, tees, and fairways where perennial ryegrasses are adapted. DEVELOPMENT:

Top Gun II Perennial Ryegrass Product brochurepdf

Top Gun II has outstanding resistance to two of the more costly diseases to control: pythium blight and brown patch. In addition, Top Gun II has superior resistance to pink snow mold, and red thread as well as other common turfgrass diseases and pests.

Other Perennial Ryegrass Varieties

  • Accent Perennial Ryegrass
  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Continental Perennial Ryegrass
  • Omega III Perennial Ryegrass

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