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October 2018 NEWS

Fall Fertilization of Trees

There is considerable discussion about the proper time to apply fertilizers to trees. The practice of applying N-P-K fertilizer to trees in the fall is common in the arborist and landscape industries. Is this practice a good one, or not?

P and K, Yes; but only "Low or Slow N" in Late Fall
Application of phosphorus (P), potassium (K) in the fall actually helps the tree prepare for winter, by inducing a proper hardening-off of this year's foliar tissues. This practice is common in forest tree nurseries. However, high levels of soluble nitrogen can encourage foliar tissues to remain young (juvenile), and to delay their preparation for frost. Therefore, application of high levels of soluble nitrogen (N) fertilizer to trees within 6 weeks of anticipated first frost will increase the risk of early frost damage to the foliage. Such nitrogen-induced foliar damage is more prevalent in hardwoods rather than in conifers. Slow-release forms of nitrogen are safe for use in the fall, since these will not have the same effect in promoting top growth as the fully soluble forms of N. For this reason, most commercial applications of nitrogen in the fall utilize "low and/or slow" Nitrogen.

NU-ARBOR 5-16-16 Root and Foliar Fertilizer

Nu-Arbor Fertilizer

NU-ARBOR 5-16-16 Root and Foliar Fertilizer is a technologically advanced fertilizer which is recommended for general maintenance applications. It does an excellent job preparing trees and shrubs for mild or severe winter conditions.

Contains: Food grade urea, Food grade ortho phosphoric acid, Food grade potassium hydroxide, Seaweed extract and Sugar.

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PHC for Trees SRN 11-22-22 SRN

Roots Fertilizer for Trees is a water-dispersible chemical and biological fertility product. Key elements are micronized so that Roots Fertilizer for Trees will not clog equipment. A new surfactant technology (RZ-3) helps the product to readily penetrate the soil. The chemically-based elements meet trees' nutrient needs immediately, while the beneficial microbes sustain fertility over the long term.

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Reduce Salt Damage To Your Lawn With Biochar

The use of a low ash biochar can aid in the prevention of salt damage caused over Winter months during the application of de-icing agents to roadways and sidewalks. These de-icing agents can accumulate in the adjacent soil and have a negative impact of the plant's growth during the Spring warmup.

Wakefield Biochar has a high surface area that will bind the de-icing salts. The high surface area of the biochar generates a large distribution of micro or mesopores. The greater the number of micropores, the greater the surface area of the biochar and the more surface sites upon which salts can adsorb.

Biochar amended soils have commonly been shown to increase plant growth and alleviate plant stress due to drought and the negative impact of toxic metals in the soil. The University of Torontoshowed that biochar can alleviate the stress on plants caused by road salt. This study showed that the plants in biochar-amended soil grew at similar rates to plants that were not impacted by road salt.

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Mark Your Calendar

ILCA Annual Party and Member Meeting


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Two Brothers Roundhouse
205 N. Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505

Join us for a great evening of networking, recognizing achievements, food, and BEER

Over 300 people attended the 2017 Annual Party including the Board of Direhctors, Past-Presidents, company owners/senior managers, new members, and ILCA luminaries

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