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NOVEMBER 2016 News


Winter Damaged EvergreenAnti-desiccant spray applied in the fall coats the foliage of your plants with this layer of organic "sealant" to help the plants resist the drying power of winter winds and conserve the moisture vital to their good health. Properly applied, a winter protection spray will safeguard your valuable plants through the cold months and gradually break down as warm weather approaches and your trees and shrubs begin spring growth.

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TransFilm® Anti-Transpirant


TransFilm Anti-Transpirant coats leaf surfaces with a clear, glossy film that provides a water-impermeable layer to protect the plant and decrease the rate of transpiration. A single application of TransFilm in late fall provides durable winter protection for shrubs, trees, and golf greens. It prevents sunscald, windburn, and damage from salt air. A spring application helps reduce dew formation and leaf blade wetness.

TransFilm can also help protect plants, shrubs and sod by reducing transplant shock. A TransFilm application prior to transplanting helps the plant during the critical moisture stress periods when the root system cannot compensate for the amount of water lost by transpiration.

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Nation Seed's New Commercial Strength Ice Melt

Commercial Strength Ice MeltBlue crystals help provide efficient application and even ice melting. Melts ice and snow to -15 degrees. Safe for use on treated wood and concrete.

Designed for Illinois' Harshest Winter Conditions
Contains RUSH Speed Enhancing Additive
Dyed Blue For Ease of Application

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Wolverine Snow Shovels

Wolverine Snow ShovelsMade with the highest quality materials and features likes comfort grip handles and dual braces, be assured that these snow tools will do their job year after year.

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October 1—January 15, 2017
Save 8–11% on Arborjet products
with terms to June 1, 2017


2016 Early Order Program

October, 1 2016 – January 15 2017

  • You receive an 8% discount on all eligible products. Payment due to National Seed June 1, 2017
  • You receive an 11% discount on all eligible products. Payment due to National Seed in 60 days

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