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June 2016 NEWS

Tick KillZ™

Tick Killz

Liquid Concentrate Product

Tick Killz is a Cedar Oil based liquid concentrate that mixes with water and is then applied to outdoor areas like lawns, shrubs, mulch beds, perimeter wood lines and any other damp, shaded areas where insects tend to dwell and breed.

Safety Profile

Tick Killz is considered 25b exempt by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which makes it a 'minimal risk' pesticide. The EPA does not require 25b exempt products to have a pesticide registration number therefore, when used as directed; Tick Killz is safe for children, adults and pets and, won't harm beneficial insects such as pollinators.

Long Lasting

Tick Killz controls ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other nuisance insects on contact, while also providing on average 4 weeks of residual repellent benefit after each application.

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High populations of scale again this spring. The insects, commonly called lecanium scales, feed on the sap of a variety of trees including maple, oak and many others.

Symptoms: The signs of scale infestation are often noticed before one sees the insect itself. Most noticeable is the sticky, wet substance on understory plants. This material, known as honeydew, is excess fluid that is excreted in copious amounts as the insects feed. Understory leaves and other surfaces may be lightly speckled with the shiny drops of honeydew, or they may be heavily coated with the sugary secretion and appear as if covered with shellac.

Ants, wasps and bees are attracted to the honeydew, and sooty mold fungus sometimes grows on this substrate, blackening the foliage, twigs, and bark, along with cars and other objects beneath scale-infested trees. Dieback of twigs and branches and premature leaf drop may result as heavily-infested trees compete with scale insects for necessary moisture.

Appearance: Lecanium scales can vary in size and color but are generally oval in shape. Females molt several times before reaching adulthood. With each molt, the female's body grows bigger, while her legs and antennae become proportionately smaller. By the time of the second molt, the female scale, with her hardened, brownish, hemispherical body, is incapable of moving from the spot on which she has become fixed. Male scales are delicate, flat and nearly transparent.

Control Scales with Transtect

TranstectTranstect™ is a soil applied, systemic insecticide that provides season long control of a broad spectrum of pests. It's unique properties provide rapid uptake and efficacy. Transtect can be used for a variety of situations where fast results are needed including recovery treatments on infested trees.

Comes in Easy-to-Use Water Soluble Packets!

Transtect is the only systemic insecticide that controls both soft and hard shell scale. No more field diagnosis of scales! / Mobile 630-903-5240



ArborJetNational Seed is pleased to announce we are now a distributor of Arborjet products. For 15 years, Arborjet has focused on developing the leading tree injection equipment and formulations to protect trees. This addition compliments our full line of fertilizers, chemicals and injection products for tree care professionals. Please contact Kevin if you would like more information: / Mobile 630-903-5240

Gameday complete infield mix

Open House

Baseball Infield Mix and Pro's Choice® Infield Conditioner Combined Into One Product.

  • Save on Time and Labor
  • More Efficient Field Preparation
  • Better Product Consistency
  • Let us do the mixing for you!

Available in full truckloads—approximately 19 cubic yards per truckload. Also available in 1 cubic yard totes.

Call your sales rep for more information.

Contact your sales rep for more information (630) 417-9054 (630) 417-9056 (630) 417-9055 (630) 417-9057 (630) 903-5240


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