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Grass Seed Germination

Grass Seed Germination

Grass seeds will germinate successfully in normal soils when the surface temperature of the soil does not go below 50 degrees, and where the daytime soil temperature exceeds 60 degrees. Grass seeds also need adequate moisture and adequate sunlight. The best time to plant, therefore, is when the daily soil surface temperature exceeds 60 degrees, and when there is adequate soil moisture to keep the soil moist throughout germination.

Turfgrass Species/Optimum Soil Temperatures for Seed Germination

Turfgrass Species Optimum soil temperatures for seed germination
Creeping bentgrass 59-86
Annual bluegrass 68-86
Kentucky bluegrass 59-86
Rough bluegrass 68-86
Tall fescue 68-86
Red fescue 68-86
Sheep fescue 59-77
Chewings fescue 69-77
Perennial ryegrass 68-86

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Typical Grass Seed Germination Time Periods

Grass Type Number of Days to Germinate
Bentgrass 10-15
Bermuda 10-30
Bluegrass 20-30
Buffalo Grass 14-28
Centipede 14-21
Fescues 7-15
Rye Grass 5-10

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