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April 2014 News


Wolverine Tools

Offer the professional contractor superior strength and quality that stands the test of time, eliminating replacement costs. Wolverine Tools are created using superior materials, such as chomoly steel, aircraft aluminum, pulltruded fiberglass, and ash or hickory hardwoods.

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Mauget Liquid Loadables

Mauget Company has been protecting and treating trees around the world for more than 50 years. Committed to research, product improvement, and training to promote the safety and success of its customers, Mauget products and application methods are the most innovative and effective available today.

Mauget's micro-infusion system combines proven chemistries and a completely enclosed application method that has redefined the tree care industry: restoring, maintaining, and enhancing tree health while preserving the integrity of the environment.

Mauget's Liquid Loadable products give you the option to use Mauget's proven chemistry in a variety of injection systems for greater flexibility when you need it.

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Bulk Infield Conditioner

We now distribute bulk infield conditioner. Contact your sales person to get truckload quote today.



PennMulch® Seed Accelerator

Of all the challenges a turf professional faces getting a healthy consistent stand of turf from seed is potentially the most frustrating. PennMulch Seed Accelerator is a breakthrough product that is designed to help professionals get faster better results from any seeding job. PennMulch pellets are made of recycled paper that breaks down naturally without robbing the soil of nutrients. PennMulch contains no weed seeds

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CoverGrow™ Spread or Spray
Mulch Pellets

The best pellets to quickly and easily establish vegetation.

Seed Aide CoverGrow is an advanced technology pellet made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied and activated by water, the pellets quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it's needed—whether you're spot treating smaller bare spots, or hydrospraying larger areas, CoverGrow is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.

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