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June 2013 News


Benefits of Imidacloprid grub control

IMI plus fertilizer delivers the proven post patent chemistry Imidacloprid

Season long protection. IMI plus fertilizer provides months of protection against a variety of grub species in residential and commercial turf.

Advanced combination technology. IMI plus fertilizer is manufactured using the most advanced combination process to assure even technical distribution. The process assures product flowability without nasty impeller build up.

Superior fertilizer grade options. Pro Ap Products offer superior grades of fertilizer that are very suitable for a grub combination. Utilizing smart combination of N-Fate and Duration branded nitrogens provides a free flowing low dust product that spreads even and accurate. For more information, click the below products to view the labels.

IMI .20% plus 20-0-5 with 50% Duration™

IMI plus 15-0-3 with 25% Duration™, 75% N-Fate 12.8% S

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Tree Watering Bags

Tree Watering BagsTired of standing next to a newly planted tree with a hose and seeing most of the water running away from the tree into the grass? Then make your job easier and more effective --- use a National Seed Tree Watering Bag!! The National Seed Tree Watering Bag distributes approximately 20 gallons of water around the base of the tree over a 4-6 hour period. This allows the water to be absorbed into the ground rather than run off. This is very useful when planting a new tree or watering a young tree in the dry time of the year.

Standard - approximately 20 gallons of water is distributed to roots evenly around the tree within 4-6 hours depending on conditions

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Phydura All Natural Weed & Grass Killer

PhyduraPhydura is a broad-spectrum contact herbicide that utilizes clove oil and vinegar as active ingredients. Phydura is a non-selective spray application that is exempt from EPA registration and has no re-entry interval. Weeds controlled include both grasses and broadleaf weeds in landscape, nursery, greenhouse, and garden settings, In general, treated weeds are eradicated within 24 hours of treatment.

Weeds that are in an early stage of development are especially susceptible to Phydura treatment and are often eradicated with just one application. Phydura is 100 percent biodegradable and has a pleasant scent.

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Add Micronutrients with MicroPel

Micronutrients are elements which are essential for plant growth, but are required in much smaller amounts than those of the primary nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Below is a brief description of micronutrients.

Boron is involved in carbohydrate transport in plants; it also assists in metabolic regulation. Boron deficiency will often result in bud dieback.

Chlorine is necessary for osmosis and ionic balance; it also plays a role in photosynthesis.

Copper is a component of some enzymes and of vitamin A. Symptoms of copper deficiency include browning of leaf tips and chlorosis.

Iron is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, which is why an iron deficiency results in chlorosis.

Manganese activates some important enzymes involved in chlorophyll formation. Manganese deficient plants will develop chlorosis between the veins of its leaves. The availability of manganese is partially dependent on soil pH.

Molybdenum is essential to plant health. Molybdenum is used by plants to reduce nitrates into usable forms. Some plants use it for nitrogen fixation, thus it may need to be added to some soils before seeding legumes.

Zinc participates in chlorophyll formation, and also activates many enzymes. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include chlorosis and stunted growth.

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Recently, Pittsburgh decided to consider its street trees like it would any other asset: By measuring their benefits in terms of cold, hard cash. At a time when some cities are slashing street tree funding in order to balance strained budgets, Pittsburgh is realizing that trees in an urban setting—whether in sidewalks, medians, yards or parks—have benefits beyond giving shade.

And these benefits translate into dollars and cents. Tree Pittsburgh found the city's street trees—strictly those planted in sidewalks and medians—provide $2.4 million worth of environmental and aesthetic value every year. Trees filter air and water, sequester carbon, offer habitat and shade, reduce the urban heat-island effect, boost property values, buffer storms, and even provide a source of energy through waste wood and mulch, among other services. A 2011 analysis of Pittsburgh's total tree cover, which involved sampling more than 200 small plots throughout the city, showed a value of between $10 and $13 million in annual benefits based on the entire urban forest's contributions to aesthetics, energy use and air quality. All of the values were determined using the U.S. Forest Service's i-Tree software and take into account energy savings from shade, impact on the city's air and water and the boost in property values associated with leafy neighbors.

Tree Pittsburgh concluded the city receives $3 in benefits for every $1 it invests in street trees. "The data has been extremely valuable," says Matthew Erb, Tree Pittsburgh's director of urban forestry.


Tree Injection Systems

Tree Injection

Both Mauget and Brandt en-Tree injection systems are an environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides and fungicides to trees to control damaging insects and diseases. The Brandt system is loaded with Tree-age which provides two years of protection from the emerald ash borer. No need to worry about drift, because of the closed systems, the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. This gives the applicator the opportunity to treat trees in adverse weather conditions.

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IMI plus fertilizer
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