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Replacement Options for Ash Trees

There are many trees that are hardy to our area and will have a similar ornamental value as an Ash tree. In order to decide on a suitable replacement, first be sure to identify the characteristics that are most important to your customers in a replacement tree.

Sugar Maple is a Midwest native loved for its exceptional fall color ranging from brilliant yellow to burnt-orange. In summer, its lustrous foliage provides excellent shade, making it a great choice for parks, golf courses, and home landscapes where its roots can spread. Does not do well in a restricted root zone situation; tolerates shade better than most maples; leaf scorch may develop with drought; moderate pollution tolerance.

Katsura tree has an oval or pyramidal growth habit in youth that matures to an upright-spreading shape. It is relatively fast-growing tree with handsome blue-green foliage in summer that gives way to apricot-yellow in fall. Katsura tree grows 40-60 feet tall with a similar or slightly smaller spread and can be multi-stemmed or trained to a single trunk. It is best in full sun to part shade and well-drained, evenly moist soil. Katsura tree is not particularly drought tolerant and should be protected from the wind.

Ginko tree leavesGinkgo has a pyramidal growth habit in youth that becomes wide-spreading at maturity. Its leaves are bright green through the growing season and are among the best for yellow fall color. Ginkgo trees grow 50-80 feet tall with a variable spread, usually 30-40 feet wide. Best in full sun and well-drained, deep topsoil, ginkgo is valuable for difficult landscape situations because it tolerates a range of soil pH, heat, salt and urban conditions.

American basswood is native to the Chicago area and is often used as a specimen or dense shade tree. Its heart-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers in June make it especially attractive for people, while songbirds and blue jays are attracted to its seeds and use the tree for shelter.

Think of these suggestions as a starting point, because there are many attractive shade trees to choose from. Consider the sun exposure, soil texture, moisture and pH. Also be sure to allow room above and below ground to accommodate the mature tree. Tree root systems can extend out beyond the limbs two to three times the height of the tree. Those that are not adapted to existing conditions will not grow well and will be more susceptible to insect and disease problems.

Quali-Pro 2-d
Quali-Pro 2-D Herbicide

Quali- Pro's 2 D herbicide is a post emergent, selective, and systemic herbicide that uses a combination of two active ingredients(Triclopyr 33%, Clorpyralid 12.2%) to combat tough weed problems. For such difficult to control broadleaf weeds as dandelion, oxalis, clover and other tough to control weeds, a single application of 2 D herbicide delivers eight to twelve weeks of reliable control.


Triamine Jet Spray Spot Weed KillerTriamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer

Triamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer is perfect for spot treating lawns with minor weed problems. Triamine Jet-Spray comes in an easy to use aerosol can.

After applying this product, many broadleaf weeds will begin to show visible signs of leaf curl within a few days. Some hard-to-control broadleaf weeds may require a second (or additional) treatment in 3 to 4 weeks.

This product contains a foam, which marks the spot where the weed killer has been applied.

Active Ingredients: Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 - Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid - 0.325%, Propionic Acid - 0.164%, Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 D propionic acid - 0.161%



The Q-Connect is a pressurized device for safely and accurately delivering a dose of an arborceutical treatment directly into the vascular system of a tree.

Xytect 10% Infusible
Xytect 5% Infusible
Lepitect Infusibl


Mauget Liquid Loadables

Mauget Liquid Loadables

Mauget Liquid Loadables are one-liter bottles insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics, fertilizers and micronutrients that tree care experts can use to refill their preferred injection system, such as the Abortjet Quick jet system allowing them to pair their tools with tree care chemistry. Mauget created Liquid Loadables to offer those professionals the best chemistry to use with their refillable microinjection tools. Mauget currently offers the Liquid Loadable products Imicide, Stemix Plus, Inject-A-Min Manganese, ArborFos and Abacide 2.


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