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New Arbor Products at National Seed in 2015!



Arbormectin is a patent-pending formulation created to provide fast uptake and broad-spectrum control of some of the most difficult pests arborists face. Emerald ash borer, Conifer Mites, Pine Needle Scale, Japanese beetle and gall wasp are all controlled through a single treatment.

Arbormectin is for control of mature and immature insect and mite pests of deciduous, coniferous, and palm trees including, but not limited to, those growing in residential and commercial landscapes, parks, orchards, and forested sites. Arbormectin contains the active ingredient emamectin benzoate and is formulated to translocate in the tree’s vascular system when injected. This product must be placed into active sapwood and will actively control pests for up to two years.




Durable Design
Equipment that doesn’t hold up day-in, day-out has no business in tree care as you can’t afford downtime from broken components. We designed the Q-Connect to be field ready for many seasons to come.

Durable steel tips and aluminum handles
Easy-to-see, quarter turn on/off valves
Pressurize with either a bike pump or a compressor with standard Schrader valve

Plug-Less System
The #1 thing we heard from our interviews was “No plugs, please.” They are expensive, an extra step to install, and a production killer when they run out. The Q-Connect system allows fast treatment without the need for plastic plugs or rubber check valves.

Stainless steel tip seats snugly into a 15/64″ hole.
Save time and money by not messing with plugs or rubber checks
Machined steel tips will not bend or break off




Cambistat® is a plant growth regulator that slows the vegetative growth of plants by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. Cambistat is designed to gently and predictably slow the growth of trees. A single application provides a long lasting reduction of vegetative growth, effectively extending the trimming cycle of trees and reducing the amount of woody growth that must be removed. In addition, use of Cambistat may cause other plant growth effects that are beneficial for trees such as increased root density, improved drought and heat resistance, and higher tolerance to insects and diseases. Cambistat will also benefit trees that are too large for their growing site and increase the longevity of trees growing in stressful environments.



Dinocide (Coming Soon)

Maugets newest tree injection DINOCIDE in Generation II capsules is a CAUTION labeled, closed-system insecticide containing 12% dinotefuran a is translaminar, its active ingredients can pass from a tree’s xylem (the layer in a tree that circulates water from the roots) to its phloem (the tree layer nearest the bark which transports sugars from the plant’s leaves). This capability makes DINOCIDE uniquely effective against pests like Conifer Bark Beetles which do their damage in the phloem layer insecticide for use on forests, parks, and ornamental trees. DINOCIDE can yield results in as little as three (3) days.

Other Relevant Info
DINOCIDE is the first (1st) and only Dinotefuran insecticide available for tree injection. Dinocide has a significantly faster action with treatment effects beginning within 3-7 days.

Carries a CAUTION label
Significantly faster action
Starts controlling infestation as soon as 3 to 7 days following application
Aimed at controlling scale insects, a class of pests that harm trees and shrubs by sucking plant juices from tree leaves, twigs or bark. Members of the class include Q and B biotype whiteflies, Japanese beetles, emerald ash borers, mealybugs and flathead borers.
May be applied in combination with other insecticides such as IMICIDE or ABACIDE 2 where control longer than 16 weeks is desired for a more broad-spectrum treatment.
May be Combined with certain fungicides when treating for beetles that carry fungi (ambrosia), an additional treatment of fungicide may improve management strategies. Materials to consider are fungicides labeled for use against vascular-inhabiting fungi.
Completely enclosed system, minimal risk application method

PHC for Trees 27-9-9PHC for Trees 27-9-9

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 combines a standard fertilizer with complete micronutrient package, biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution and improve solubility. PHC for Trees is less abrasive to injection equipment, requires less tank agitation, and provides both short-term and long-term continuous replenishment of mineral nutrients in the soil. Recommended for spring applications.


PHC BioPak PlusPHC BioPak Plus 3-0-20

BioPak Plus is a dry, water-soluble micronutrient treatment that includes beneficial rhizosphere bacteria and 3-0-20 N-P-K fertilizer. BioPak Plus can be applied Spring, Summer & Fall! Spring: Helps plants recover from winter stress. Provides minerals needed for new root growth. Summer: Maintains vigorous plant growth and green color. Fall: Prepares plants for winter stresses from cold, desiccating wind, lack of moisture and frozen ground.


Contact Kevin Spiller for pricing on fertilizer, chemical and application tools

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