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January 2015 News



New Products for 2015


ArborMectin is a 4% emamectin benzoate tree injected insecticide for two year control of key pests such as emerald ash borer, caterpillars, and other wood boring insects. ArborMectin can be applied through refillable micro-injection systems including the iQ Tree Infuser, Q-connect, Q-gun, and Arborjet® injection systems. EPA Signal Word: Caution


Trimtect is a spray-on shrub growth regulator that will reduce the regrowth of trimmed shrubs and hedges by 30 – 70% over a season, allowing your crews to spend less time on high maintenance sites and more time on more profitable ones.

Whether you are trimming for a formal appearance or a more natural shape, Trimtect will maintain your desired look for at least an entire season.

Reduce retrimming
• Treated plants require less pruning and will exhibit a more compact growth habit.

Reduce labor costs
• Fewer trips to the site and less debris to dispose of

Easy to apply
• Foliar spray applications provide more consistent results than granular applications
• Eliminates the hassle of removing mulch and landscape fabric underneath the plants

Better appearing plants
• Treated plants have darker green foliage that won’t ‘thin-out& in the middle
• Will not cause a yellowing (chlorosis) of new growth associated with other growth regulator products

Post-Emergent Control of Grassy and Broadleaf Weeds.

Introducing Last Call™, a Nufarm exclusive, premium selective herbicide for cool-season turf weed management. This proprietary formulation of fenoxaprop, fluroxypyr and dicamba provides strong control of crabgrass, particularly in the mid-tiller stage of growth that quinclorac-based herbicides struggle with. Last Call also controls a number of broadleaf weeds including dandelion, clover and lespedeza, and it can also be used for the removal of bermudagrass from cool-season turf. Last Call can be applied to all managed turf areas including golf fairways and rough, residential and commercial lawns, sport fields and similar areas.


Mark Your Calendar!

The Illinois Landscape Show February 25-27, 2014 at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. Stop by our booth # 427 to see what’s new at National Seed.

National Seed open house Friday March 6th 2015 from 10am – 2pm. Lunch will be served from 11am – 2pm


National Seed's New Commercial Strength Ice Melt

Blue crystals help provide efficient application and even ice melting. Melts ice and snow to -15 degrees. Safe for use on treated wood and concrete.

Bulk Rock Salt and Snow Slicer is available.


Contact your sales rep for more information:

Tom Breier: (630) 417-9054

Tim Breier: (630) 417-9056

Dan Breier: (630) 417-9055

Mark Breier: (630) 417-9057

Kevin Spiller: (630) 903-5240

$100 Off Your Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Membership

Give to GrowNational Seed values our customers. We also value being members of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA). ILCA is the trade association for professional landscape companies in Illinois. For over 50 years they have been providing education, training, information, and awareness to the landscape industry.

We have seen the immense positive impact ILCA has on landscape companies. ILCA is running a campaign called Give to Grow. What this means is that if you join ILCA, and you indicate that National Seed referred you to join, you will get $100 off your membership. Give to Grow allows National Seed to pass along our referral bonus to you. We hope you take advantage of this offer and join the ILCA. It has had a great impact on our business and we feel it will do the same for you!

Step 1:
Sign up here.

Step 2:
Enter “National Seed” in the Referred By section and click "Apply Discount"


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