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October 2014 News



Winter Traction Aid and Ice Melter

Oil-Dri Snow & Go is a unique winter traction aid that breaks down snow and ice while absorbing the melted water before it can re-freeze. The all-natural formula is non-toxic and contains only 1/3 salt by volume.

How it Works

  1. Natural salt begins to melt the ice
  2. Traction granules absorb water preventing re-freeze when temperature drops again
  3. Traction granules embed into the ice to create a non-slip surface.

National Seed's New Commercial Strength Ice Melt

Blue crystals help provide efficient application and even ice melting. Melts ice and snow to -15 degrees. Safe for use on treated wood and concrete.


Trivia Question

First five to answer correctly win a National Seed camo hat!

What element should you use if you want to lower the PH in
your soil?

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Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

Trees and shrubs don't usually get proper nutrition in a manicured type environment. Grass roots will absorb most all nutrients before deeper tree feeder roots get a chance.

Trees and plants in nature get nutrients from decomposing plant matter like leaves, wood, etc. that break down to rejuvenate the soil. In a well maintained property these materials are constantly cleaned away which over time allows the soil to lose its ability to properly support trees and shrubs.

When a tree or shrub does not receive the proper nutrition it needs, it can become stressed and much less resistant to pests, diseases decay, etc. They may also yellow, lose foliage and look unhealthy.

Deep root fertilizing is the most effective and preferred method for keeping your customers trees and shrubs healthy. Please contact us to learn more about adding a tree and shrub fertilizing program to your plant health care program


Upcoming Industry Events

32nd annual trade show conference October 21-22, 2014

Holiday Inn/Tinley Park Convention Center
18501 South Harlem Ave
Tinley Park, IL 60477

The 2014 Annual Party and Member Meeting

Thursday, November 6, 2014 4pm-7pm
Two Brothers Roundhouse
205 N. Broadway
Aurora, IL 60505


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