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May 2022


Strobe Pro G

Proven Performance
Strobe Pro G fungicide provides the same long-lasting, broad- spectrum disease control as Strobe Pro fungicide, only now in granular form. Strobe Pro G is a combination of two broad spectrum, preventative, and curative fungicides with systemic properties for the control of many important turfgrass diseases. Strobe Pro G may be applied by drop or rotary broadcast granular spreaders.

Granular herbicide, AI: 0.31% Azoxystrobin, 0.75% Propiconazole

Features & Benefits

  • All markets can easily use Strobe Pro G without making a complete tank mix.
  • LCO’s can treat localized portions of a home lawn.
  • Smaller sport turf facilities that do not have large spray equipment, now have an affordable means to treat most common turf diseases.
  • Golf courses can treat individual greens when the spray equipment is being used for other applications.

Effective Against
Foliar, stem and root diseases such as leaf and stem blights, dollar spot, leaf spots, patch diseases, anthracnose, fairy rings, mildews, molds, and rusts of turfgrass.

Strobe Pro G Diseases

  • Packaging: 30 Pound Bag— Item# 480411

Contact your Conserv FS Turf specialist for more information.

Selective and Residual Control of Weeds in Turfgrasses

Meso 4SC Select

Meso 4SC Select™ generic tenacity is a herbicide that can be used for both pre- and post-emergence control of more than 45 broadleaf weeds and grasses in turfgrass. Classified as a group 27 herbicide, Meso 4SC Select inhibits photosynthesis in susceptible plants and is absorbed systemically through leaves, roots, and shoots. Meso 4SC Select can be effectively used for weed control prior to and when seeding of specific types of turfgrasses.

  • Provides post-emergent control of tough-to-control weeds
  • Weeds controlled include crabgrass (pre- and post-emergent), ground ivy, yellow foxtail, yellow nutsedge and dandelion
  • Can be applied anytime you are seeding including overseeding of established turfgrass, bare ground seeding or during renovation
  • 8 Ounce Bottle — Item# 490354
  • Gallon — Item# 490218

Contact your Conserv FS Turf specialist for more information.

PHC for Trees 27-9-9

PHC for Trees 27-9-9

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 combines a standard fertilizer with complete micronutrient package, biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution and improve solubility. PHC for Trees is less abrasive to injection equipment, requires less tank agitation, and provides both short-term and long-term continuous replenishment of mineral nutrients in the soil. Recommended for spring applications.


Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

WNG Coffee Talk – May

Join the Women’s Networking Group for a Coffee Talk! The purpose of Coffee Talks is to provide smaller, more intimate gatherings where participants can spend some time discussing relevant, timely topics and get to know each other better. Each Coffee Talk will have a pre-determined discussion topic to get things started. Where it goes from there is up to the participants. There is no fee to attend Coffee Talks.

Hosted by Pam Cotton Conn, Joe Cotton Ford

Register early. Each Coffee Talk is limited to 20 people.

When: May 12, 2022
Where: Joe Cotton Ford, Carol Stream, IL [map]


2022 IAA Tree Climbing Championship


When: May 21, 2022
Where: Shiloh Park, Zion, IL [map]

2022 IAA Tree Climbing Championship

8:15am Competition preliminary events start

Join us for a day of competitive tree climbing and fun at the IAA Tree Climbing Championship. The 2022 IAA Tree Climbing Championship will be held on May 21, 2022 at Shiloh Park in Zion, IL. The competition starts with competitor gear check at 7:15am. Climbing events begin at 8:00am and will go on throughout the day. 25 male and 5 female competitors will compete to win the title of top climber for the State of Illinois and then move on to compete in the International competition being held in Copenhagen, Denmark in September of 2022 for World title.

Tree climbing competitions are designed to simulate the working conditions of production arborists who work in the field. Utilizing the highest level of professional skills and safety, the events provide a competitive learning environment for those working in the industry.


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