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April News


Animal Damage

Vole Damage

Fig 1: Vole damage

The animals have not been kind to our plants this winter. Rabbits, deer, voles and even squirrels have been busy attacking the plants. Voles, which are small, mouse-like animals, can run under the snow and feed on the bark of shrubs and young trees. If the vole girdles the branch or trunk, that branch will die. Vole damage may also be seen in lawns. Vole damage usually occurs in winter, especially when we have snow cover. Voles will produce shallow runways in the lawn which become obvious when the snow melts (fig. 1). This damage will fill in as the lawn begins to grow.

Vole Damage

Fig 2: Rabbit damage

Rabbits often feed higher on the plant as they can run across the surface of the snow. Branches show a distinct 45-degree angle where the rabbit has bitten them off. Rabbits can also chew the bark off of the lower branches (fig. 2). Deer can feed on branches both high and low. Browsing occurs all year but tends to be more noticeable in winter when food supplies dwindle.

Arbor Rx

Grappler Tool

We take pride in what we do and deliver only the best quality of reaching tools. We are happy to offer a tool that is completely manufactured in the states. It is good for any debris and litter pickup, even the smallest ones! The Grappler easily grabs:

  • Litter, from newspapers to full 24 oz bottles of liquid, the Grappler quickly gets it all.
  • Small branches.
  • Things you wouldn't want to touch: dog feces, animal carcasses, unhygienic materials, etc.
  • Items as small as a toothpick!
  • Much, much more

PHC for Trees 27-9-9

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 combines a standard fertilizer with complete micronutrient package,biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution and improve solubility. PHC for Trees is less abrasive to injection equipment, requires less tank agitation, and provides both short-term and long-term continuous replenishment of mineral nutrients in the soil. Recommended for spring applications.


The NCAA basketball tournament is normally held every March and it's called March Madness . While they didn't host the event this year because of the Corona Virus, we certainly experienced our own different version of March Madness.

Every text and email and conversation with friends and clients seemed to begin with, "This is crazy." It felt like we were living in a bad movie experiencing a surreal moment that made you confront the reality that this isn't a game or a movie, but life as we know it. Each morning I woke up wondering if it was just a bad dream only to turn on the news and understand the seriousness of this situation.

The goal of basketball teams during March Madness is to survive and advance. Teams want to somehow, someway make it through one round to advance to the next. How they do it doesn't have to be pretty. They may not play their best. They may not thrive. They just want to win the battle today to give themselves a shot to compete in the next round where they hope to adapt and ultimately thrive.

From a physical standpoint it's the goal for all of us in April and the upcoming months. We have a new version of a virus that we haven't experienced before. The goal, if you get it, is to survive with a strong immune system, win the battle today, advance and allow your body to adapt (develop antibodies) so you can ultimately be stronger and thrive in the future.

From an economic, business and career standpoint for most of us the goal is the same. This year is likely not going to be great unless you are a grocery store, Amazon, Wall Mart, and make toilet paper. The goal is to find a way to survive so you can advance. As you advance you can then adapt and seek to thrive in the future.

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