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October 2013 News


Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

Trees and shrubs don't usually get proper nutrition in a manicured type environment. Grass roots will absorb most all nutrients before deeper tree feeder roots get a chance.

Trees and plants in nature get nutrients from decomposing plant matter like leaves, wood, etc. that break down to rejuvenate the soil. In a well maintained property these materials are constantly cleaned away which over time allows the soil to lose its ability to properly support trees and shrubs.

When a tree or shrub does not receive the proper nutrition it needs, it can become stressed and much less resistant to pests, diseases, decay, etc. They may also yellow, lose foliage and look unhealthy.

Deep root fertilizing is the most effective and preferred method for keeping your customers trees and shrubs healthy. Please contact us to learn more about adding a tree and shrub fertilizing program to your plant health care program.



Dylox® Grub Control
the Standard for Curative Grub Control

DYLOX® provides fast-acting control of surface-feeding and soil insects, including white grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms and cutworms. Not wasting any time, Dylox works immediately after irrigation or rainfall, and penetrates thatch up to 1/2-inch thick when watered properly, providing grub control within 24 hours. Under normal conditions, Dylox controls the pest and then degrades quickly. There are no Dylox restrictions regarding turf species or sites for landscape and recreational-area uses.



Call us today to get a Quote on Bulk Rock Salt and Snow Slicer

SnowSlicer™ is a pre-wet ice melting product that contains a blend of naturally occurring crystal and liquid ice melt products plus a unique, purple coloring that makes it highly visible. The combination of a high-performance liquid deicer and a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melters using "pre-wetting" technology results in a unique product that melts faster lasts longer and performs better.

Why is SnowSlicer more Cost Effective?

Fast-acting and effective in lower temperatures
Pre-wet deicer means less material (up to 50%) and fewer applications are needed
Flows freely even in sub-freezing conditions
Vivid purple color is easy to see and will not track or stain
Maintains a residual melting effect after storm event

View more information at

For more information contact your sales rep.


National Seed's New Commercial Strength Ice Melt

Commercial Strength Ice MeltBlue crystals help provide efficient application and even ice melting. Melts ice and snow to -15 degrees. Safe for use on treated wood and concrete.

Designed for Illinois' Harshest Winter Conditions
Contains RUSH Speed Enhancing Additive
Dyed Blue For Ease of Application

To order or obtain additional information please contact us.


Contact your sales rep for more information:

Tom Breier: #630-417-9054

Tim Breier: #630-417-9056

Dan Breier: #630-417-9055

Mark Breier: #630-417-9057

Kevin Spiller: #630-903-5240

Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilizing
Dylox® Grub Control
Bulk Rock Salt and Snow Slicer
Commercial Strength Ice Melt



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