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July 2013 News

Thank you, for all your business and continued support this year. Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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Update on Grass Seed Market

Tree Watering BagsAs we move beyond spring, we wanted to update you on the turf seed market and how it may affect you. Two years ago seed was abundant in everyone's warehouse, and consumers had their pick of the cleanest, most weed-free lots in inventory. However in short order the market has dramatically flipped. With winter wheat at $9 a bushel and other commodities equally high, grass seed production has dropped to a near 10-year low.

Farmers just don't want to grow grass when they can profit from more lucrative crops. Additionally, last year's drought that much of the country experienced negatively affected the harvest, meaning farmers harvested less seed per acre in many cases last year. Long story short: A perfect storm of weather, low acreage, and low inventories has led to some heavy pressure on both grass seed prices as well as finding very clean lots of seed.

Seed prices have been drifting up since last fall and will continue to do so throughout the rest of this year. You can also expect "premium" quality seed to be hard to get. In fact, numerous elite varieties and clean lots have been sold out for months. Rest assured, we had already booked much of our spring needs last fall to ensure you have continued to receive the cleanest seed on the market. We are adamant in never ordering any seed lots until we first examine the laboratory tests to ensure the quality. On a side note, if you are bidding on seed jobs this summer/Fall or figuring out your seed budget for next year, please don't hesitate to call us so we can further update you on the seed market for next year.

Lastly, sod supply is also extremely low and supplies have been tight all spring. We believe sod supply will be just as bad this fall, perhaps even worse. In our opinion, you will likely find sod supply scarce this Fall and sod prices will likely be higher as a result. We recommend you contact your sod supplier for the latest info.



Potential turf diseases this summer

Prolonged periods of wet, rainy weather are favorable for the development of fungus in the landscape. For this reason, most nuisance fungi develop during the warm, wet summer months. Perhaps the most serious turf disease likely to occur in northern Illinois are summer patch and necrotic ring spot, two separate diseases that attack grass roots and previously were referred to as fusarium blight. Brown patch may also attack turfgrasses. These "patch diseases" are similar in appearance and management in lawns.

If you notice any of these fungal diseases, we got you covered. We have both liquid and granular fungicides that will help control turf diseases.

For more information contact your sales rep.


Tree Injection Systems

Tree Injection

Both Mauget and Brandt en-Tree injection systems are an environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides and fungicides to trees to control damaging insects and diseases. The Brandt system is loaded with Tree-age which provides two years of protection from the emerald ash borer. No need to worry about drift, because of the closed systems, the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. This gives the applicator the opportunity to treat trees in adverse weather conditions.

For more information call your sales rep or visit


Contact your sales rep for more information:

Tom Breier: #630-417-9054

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Update on Grass Seed Market
Potential turf diseases this summer
Tree Injection Systems



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