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May 2013 News


Tree Injection Systems

Tree Injection

Both Mauget and Brandt en-Tree injection systems are an environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides and fungicides to trees to control damaging insects and diseases. The Brandt system is loaded with Tree-age which provides two years of protection from the emerald ash borer. No need to worry about drift, because of the closed systems, the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. This gives the applicator the opportunity to treat trees in adverse weather conditions.

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EC Grow 25% PCSCU w/Viper Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Broadleaf Control

18-0-3 Weed and Feed with Viper is a premium grade post-emergent herbicide and turf food combination product that is used to control more than 250 types of broadleaf weeds.

Due to the powerful blend of four effective herbicides, weeds that come in contact with Viper will gradually die and disappear from turf.

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Triamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer

Triamine Jet SprayTriamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer is perfect for spot treating lawns with minor weed problems. Triamine Jet-Spray comes in an easy to use aerosol can.

After applying this product, many broadleaf weeds will begin to show visible signs of leaf curl within a few days. Some hard-to-control broadleaf weeds may require a second (or additional) treatment in 3 to 4 weeks.

This product contains a foam, which marks the spot where the weed killer has been applied.

Active Ingredients: Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 - Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid - 0.325%, Propionic Acid - 0.164%, Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 D propionic acid - 0.161%

$8.00 per 22oz. can OR $84.00 per case (12 cans)

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Tip "N" Pour® containers

Tip n Pour

For years, concentrated dry flowable products have settled for secondary measuring devices to measure & dispense. Today's dry flowable products are more concentrated than ever before. Their continued growth together with the demand for better delivery systems was the driving force behind this latest achievement.

Tip "N" pour® containers represent the first one piece integrally molded package for measuring dry flowable concentrates. In addition, the package can be designed to accept commercially available Child Resistant closures.

Tip N Pour container prices

32 oz. -$ 5.91 each
64 oz. - $ 6.34 each
128 oz. - $ 6.91 each

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Tree Injection Systems
18-0-3 Weed and Feed with Viper
Triamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer
Tip "N" Pour containers



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