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May 2012 News

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General Weed Management Concepts for Lawns

Identifying the weed and trying to determine why it has become a problem is the first step in dealing with lawn weeds. Some weeds are good indicators of underlying problems. For example, ground ivy (creeping Charlie) readily invades lawns in shade and with poor soil drainage, while knotweed is a plant able to survive in compacted soils. Crabgrass typically invades lawns that are mowed too short or watered too often. Clovers may be a sign of low fertility. Dandelions may adapt to a range of conditions. An assortment of weeds may indicate overall poor conditions for lawn grasses and/or poor management. There are a number of herbicides available for weed control, specific to the type of weed to be controlled. Please contact your sales rep for more information.


Tree and shrub insects and disease to monitor

  Insects   Diseases
• Arborvitae leafminer • Black knot
• Galls • Brown rot of stone fruit
• Ash-lilac borer • Rose rosette
• Juniper scale  
• Four-lined plant bug  
• Hoeylocust plant bug  
• Elm leafminer  
• Spittle bug  
• Alder leaf miner  


Granulated Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Sustane Fertilizer• Sustane 18-1-8+Fe is the longest lasting slow release nitrogen Fertilizer made by Suståne.

• Combines 5 different forms of nitrogen: 4 types of slow release including Suståne organic N, PCSCU, methylene urea, and hydrolyzed feather meal and 1 form of quick release nitrogen from ammonium sulfate

• 15.3% (85% of total N) is slow release nitrogen

• 18-1-8+Fe is extremely safe and will not burn or discolor turfgrass

• Uniform particle size allows for even application

• Long lasting Suståne 18-1-8+Fe provides steady, slow growth with excellent color for up to four months

• Also used as top dress fertilizer for carry over nutrition in containerized nursery plants and perennial shrub beds (Please see recommended application rates in the Suståne Natural Base Fertilizers for Nursery, Greenhouse & Landscape technical brochure.)

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New Product!
tip "N" pour® containers

tip N Pour ContainersFor years, concentrated dry flowable products have settled for secondary measuring devices to measure & dispense. Today's dry flowable products are more concentrated than ever before. Their continued growth together with the demand for better delivery systems were the driving force behind this latest achievement.

tip "N" pour® containers represent the first one piece integrally molded package for measuring dry flowable concentrates. In addition, the package can be designed to accept commercially available Child Resistant closures.

Tip N Pour container prices:

32 oz. -$ 5.91 each
64 oz. - $ 6.34 each
128 oz. - $ 6.91 each


May Special!
TriamineTriamine Jet-Spray Spot Weed Killer

Triamine Jet- Spray Spot Weed Killer is perfect for spot treating lawns with minor weed problems. Triamine Jet comes in an easy to use aerosol can.

After Applying This Product, Many Broadleaf Weeds will begin to show visible signs of leaf curl within a few days. Some hard-to-control broadleaf weeds may require a second (or additional) treatment in 3 to 4 weeks.

This Product contains a foam, which marks the spot where the weed killer has been applied.

Active Ingredients:
Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 - Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid - 0.325%, Propionic Acid - 0.164%, Dimethylamine Salt Of 2,4 D propionic acid - 0.161%


$7.75 per 22oz. can
$84.00 per 22oz. can


MaugetMauget tree injection capsules

Mauget injections are an environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides to trees to control damaging insects such as Emerald Ash Borer. No need to worry about drift, because of the patented closed system this means the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. Only pests feeding on the tree are directly affected. Beneficial and non-target insects and other life forms are notaffected. This gives the applicator the opportunity to treat trees in adverse weather conditions.

Mauget micro injection capsules are also a very effective method for combating nutrient deficiency, disease and fungus control. With no unnecessary overspray and rain washed wasted material. The method is done by drilling small holes into the tree at the root flare and installing capsules every 6" around the base of the tree.

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Contact your sales rep for more information:

Tom Breier: #630-417-9054

Tim Breier: #630-417-9056

Dan Breier: #630-417-9055

Mark Breier: #630-417-9057

Gerry Hough: #630-327-6551

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