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If you are looking for grass seed mixtures or other turf products, count on National Seed for top-performing, proprietary products and expert consulting. We distribute grasses that grow in virtually any habitable climate or soil on Earth, with the ability to custom blend mixtures to your specifications.

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More than Just Seed

National Seed also distributes full lines of Ice Melt and Arbor products.

Ice Melt Tree Care

About National Seed

National Seed

National Seed is a full-service distributor of proprietary grass seed, chemicals, fertilizers, ice melt and turf maintenance products to the turf and horticulture marketplace, operating from Lisle, Illinois in the Midwestern United States.

National Seed is one of the leading distributors of world class Kentucky Bluegrasses produced by Jacklin Seed.

National Seed supports various charities and organizations, including the Egon Herrmann Turf Scholarship, Dale Ruth Scholarship, the Starlight Children’s Foundation Midwest, Sertoma, and The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.

National Seed’s origin dates back to 1991 and growth continues today with a concentrated focus on exceeding customer expectations. We look forward to the opportunity to help grow your business.


National Seed news

Fall Tree Fertilizer

Posted on: 10/3/16

NU-ARBOR is a technologically advanced fertilizer recommended for general maintenance applications. NU-ARBOR fertilizers contain superior forms of N-P-K and essential enzymes for root enhancement. Contains food grade urea food grade ortho phosphoric acid food grade potassium hydroxide seaweed extract and sugar. 2-1/2 gal jugs.

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Seasonal Needle Dropping

Posted on: 9/3/16

Coming soon to an evergreen near you: seasonal needle drop (also known as normal needle drop). In autumn, man evergreens will drop older needles. This is a normal process. Needles on an evergreen live for a limited number of years. At the end of their lives, these needles will turn brown and eventually fall off. On some evergreens, such as white pine or arborvitae, this process can be very dramatic, making the evergreen look like it is dying.

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World Has Many More Trees Than Previously Thought, New Report Says

Posted on: 8/8/16

There are slightly more than three trillion trees in the world, a figure that dwarfs previous estimates, according to the most comprehensive census yet of global forestation. Read more

Japanese Beetles

Posted on: 7/7/16

That special time of year has arrived. It’s Japanese beetle time. They suddenly seem to be everywhere. We have had reports of adult Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) in several locations in Dupage County. I have even spotted a couple of them as far north as Boone County not far from the Wisconsin border (and that was almost two weeks ago!).... Read more

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