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Posted on: 2/01/14

Posted on: 1/13/14

We know it's hard to think about grass seed with the way this winter is going, but spring will be here before we know it, so we wanted to update you on the turf seed market and how it will affect you. Grass seed prices started to strengthen last spring and continued to slowly rise as the year went on. This was partly due to demand, as new home construction picked up. The bigger reason, however, is that there are simply less acres of grass seed being planted out west. With other crops like corn and wheat fetching a good price, farmers are simply unwilling to grow grass seed unless they are paid more, and even then some growers are still backing away. The result is that grass seed production has dropped to a near 10-year low even though most growers are being compensated more. Read More

Posted on: 12/1/13

In a blended ice melt product, there are four main melting granules: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. The advantage of blended de-icing materials lies in the fact that they are economically priced and still have the ability to work quickly at low temperatures. Read more

Posted on: 11/5/13

Anti-desiccant spray applied in the fall coats the foliage of your plants with this layer of organic "sealant" to help the plants resist the drying power of winter winds and conserve the moisture vital to their good health.

Properly applied, a winter protection spray will safeguard your valuable plants through the cold months and gradually break down as warm weather approaches and your trees and shrubs begin spring growth.

Posted on: 10/4/13

Trees and shrubs don't usually get proper nutrition in a manicured type environment. Grass roots will absorb most all nutrients before deeper tree feeder roots get a chance.

Trees and plants in nature get nutrients from decomposing plant matter like leaves, wood, etc. that break down to rejuvenate the soil. In a well maintained property these materials are constantly cleaned away which over time allows the soil to lose its ability to properly support trees and shrubs. Read more


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